Pump Station Oversight

The State of New Jersey requires by law, any privately owned housing or commercial complex with a sanitary pumping station, to have a Licensed Collection System Operator on contract for oversight.  I would like to offer my services as a Licensed Operator and for the monitoring and inspection of your sanitary pumping station.  This is an important role, as leaving these stations unattended and unmaintained could lead to costly damage of homes, property, and the environment, as well as heavy fines from the State D.E.P.  I have been in working in the Wastewater industry for over 10 years and currently maintain pump stations all over NJ.  I staff some of the best in the business with decades of experience and skill.


MGC Unlimited LLC can provide a contracted Monitoring & Inspection plan to keep your sanitary pump station in proper working order and maintained all year long.  A Monitoring & Inspection contract agreement will help prevent breakdowns and the need for higher cost emergency repairs.


Contract Oversight includes:

Monthly Inspection including:

  • Inspection and testing of all control panel components.

  • Electrical and mechanical testing of all pumps.

  • Inspection of the wet well.

  • Inspection and testing of all support equipment in the pump station only unless otherwise specified.

  • Cleaning of all serviceable filters and strainers. Replacement filter elements will be provided at an additional cost.

  • Cleaning and testing of all level control devices.

  • Lubrication as required on individual components.

  • Confirmation of all alarm functions.

  • A complete written report of our findings.

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of alarm system as required by law with a 2 hour or less response time to alarms. 


Emergency Service shall be provided for all equipment listed below.

  • Pumps

  • Wet well

  • Electrical panel and all components housed within such panel.

  • Level control system

  • Telemetry system

  • Generator


Service is available 24 hours a day throughout the year.  If any replacement parts or additional repairs are required beyond what has been outlined above, MGC Unlimited, LLC will contact the equipment owner for approval before proceeding.  Any replacement parts, additional labor, materials, equipment, and time to remedy an emergency situation that is required will be added to the inspection price.  In the event that additional work outside of our capabilities is necessary, MGC Unlimited, LLC will use one of our sub-contractors to complete the work.


Please contact us for our pricing for pumping station inspection & monitoring.  Multiple facility discounts are available.  All forms of payment are accepted.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions!






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